Ассоциация Движений Анархистов

Межорганизационное объединение анархистов с 1990 г.

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The movement of Anarchy is immortal like is desire of the people for freedom.

We, participants of the Congress of Anarchist Movements, do not consider our decisions an attempt to create another political party. Anarchy existed and will exist independently of anyone's decisions.

We are all different, but the difference in peoples’ minds does not contradict with Anarchy. Therefore, interaction and mutual aid of all currents of anarchism are possible and desirable.

No organization has a right to stand above the human, but we recognize desirability of joint efforts and coordination of joint actions in compliance with the idea of Freedom. The forms of activity in this direction can be various.

We do not struggle for authority. Our struggle is against authority, against violence, against suppression of the separate human by somebody or something.

For this purpose we unite into Association of Anarchist Movements, in which any person, who evaluate any system of state suppression as evil and strive for its complete annihilation, can become its participant. Everyone who agrees with us can join our movement.

June 17, 1990
I Congress of ADA
Protest camp against Balakovo Nuclear Power Station

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